Sầu Chair / Nguyen Van Dung

“This land is mainly orchard. Each year, old trees that are no longer fertile are cut down. They are replaced by saplings with higher productivity. Woods from cut trees are used for fuel.” – The designer, Nguyen Van Dung said.

“I happened to see a durian (Sầu Riêng) tree’s stump in a pile of wood when visiting a friend’s house. Seeing that the wood was hard and has suitable shape, I decided to make a chair out of it.”

The chair was made by simple tools such as saw, hammer, chisel, drill,… After 5 hours it was completed. This stump was over 30 years old, cut and thrown out in the ditch for 5 years. It was during the time lying in the water that black spots started to appear on its surface.

“That’s the cycle of life in this orchard. Trees are grown for fruits. When no longer fertile they are cut and burnt to ashes, later scattered in nature. If there’s another life for them then being a chair is also possible.”– Dung implied.

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