Thăng Long Cigarette Factory in Hanoi

On January 06, 1957, Thăng Long Cigarette Factory, the pioneer unit of the Vietnam Tobacco Industry was established. By the end of 2005, under the Decision of the Prime Minister, Thăng Long Cigarette Factory was transformed into Thăng Long Cigarette One Member Limited Company.

Photo: Trieu Chien

There are four workshops:

  • Fine-cut workshop: Processing fine-cut tobacco.
  • Package workshop: Production of tobacco with hard and soft package.
  • International Label workshop: Produc- tion of tobacco with 555 brand name and other brand names.
  • Engineering workshop: Manufacturing, processing mechanical spare parts, repairing, installing machinery and equipment.
Photo: Trieu Chien

And four units of housewares:

  • Material houseware: Management of original and fine-cut tobacco.
  • Instruments houseware: Management of instruments using for tobacco production. ∙ Finished Products houseware: Manage- ment of finished products in package.
  • Engineering houseware: Management of mechanical materials and spare parts, electrical spare parts and several types of goods.

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