Ghe 01 takes on the inspiration and influence of modern architecture in Hanoi during the 20th century

On 18/09/2018, Handhome officially published the first book in “Ghe” series. Each book has a dimension of 19x25cm, 288 pages, features 36 renown architectural buildings in Hanoi. The book is sold at 360,000 VND. All images are taken by photographer Trieu Chien in natural lighting condition.

“To us, the search for beauty in architecture it’s a process from questioning, experiencing to realization. It takes time and most important is the right approach. We looked back to the past to take note and examine Vietnamese architectural values ever since.” According to Handhome.

“‘Ghe 01’ is the first book that emphasizes completed buildings in the 20th century. So from it we can see the influence, inspiration that modern architecture put on Vietnamese architecture, especially that in Hanoi from 1930 to late 1990.”

“When taking pictures for the book, I focused on exporing aesthetic aspects, the beauty of buildings through new perspectives brought by technology and digital photography. All photos are taken under natural light so that the readers can have the most precise sense of materials.” Trieu Chien said.

He added: “The book is named GHE (GHÉ/visit) simply because it’s about each time we visit and take note of our feelings towards the buildings. Handhome intend to publish later books according to specific topics with photography the mean to express.”

After more than 3 years since founded, Handhome has gone from an architectural platform to publisher of architectural contents in Vietnam. In the following years, Handhome will publish books, prints, documentaries about Vietnamese architecture so that architects have a reliable source of information that proves beneficial to their work.

Books ready to be shipped country wide

Those who would like to order GHE can contact us with following methods:

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